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We offer excellent, professional communication services to various news media organizations and publications.

About the Company

Listening Ear Communications was founded in May 2022.

Listening Ear Communications was founded in May 2022. It was set up to provide communication services to various news media organizations and publications. The core aim of the organization is to provide communication that calls for a listening ear or elicits a response, for communication is not indeed communication until it evokes a reaction from its audiences, as other communication scholars (like Griffin, Ledbetter, and Sparks) believe. For this reason, the founder, Akosua Frempong, who holds a doctorate in communication, named the organization “Listening Ear Communications.”

Some of the organization’s services include journalism/freelance writing services. The organization also provides thoughts on improving journalism, speaking engagements and conference participation in the field of communication, doing voiceovers, research work on communication, guest lecturing, journalism training or workshops, and sharing expertise in journalism and communication, with the main aim of improving journalism practices.

The organization aims to provide quality services, producing trustworthy, delightful, compelling, informative content with a touch of humor where appropriate. The organization seeks to provide expert ideas and thoughts in a personable way. The organization is interested in building a robust and lasting relationship with clients while providing excellent services its clients will appreciate, with value in mind. 

Additionally, the organization aims to be involved in serving communities through its corporate social responsibility activities, especially during times of crisis.


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What We Offer

How can we help you?

Here are some of the many ways that Listening Ear Communications can serve your organization.

Journalism / Freelance Writing Services

We provide excellent, professional journalism services for news media organizations. We also write for digital and print publications. We report on various topics, including education, faith, and health. We also write opinion pieces. In addition, we provide editing services. By using Listening Ear Communications’ journalism and freelance writing services, we assure you of the highest standard of journalism.

Thoughts on Improving Journalism

Through vital research, we provide views on journalism as a profession to organizations. The purpose of presenting these thoughts is to improve journalism practice. Thought-leadership content is indispensable to the organization. By researching journalism’s most pertinent issues, such as low public trust, the evolving landscape of journalism, and the framing of political news stories, we discover and distribute essential knowledge that helps news media outlets and their journalists improve journalistic practices.

Speaking Engagements and Conference Participation

We speak at professional workshops and scholarly conferences organized by professional and academic organizations. We speak at events to inspire and impart knowledge to other journalists worldwide. Our professional speaking engagements include speaking at professional workshops on journalism, including speaking on topics related to digital journalism, multimedia journalism, smartphone journalism, and social media. Our expertise lies in presenting how to excel in journalism (both old and new forms) and how to market and distribute your content through digital platforms.


We conduct research with a focus on the following: professional journalism skills, framing during elections, public trust in the news media, and media ecology. We are competent in using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research to analyze essential topics in communication and journalism. We currently publish our research in communications and media studies scholarly journals.


We train students, giving them the necessary knowledge and practical skills to succeed in a career in journalism, here and abroad, through guest- lecturing.


We provide journalism training to upcoming journalists and publishers worldwide through workshops. Organizations that offer short online courses for aspiring journalists to excel in journalism can solicit our journalism training service.

Sharing Expertise in Journalism and Communication

Our primary way of sharing expertise in journalism and communication gained from research and experience is through conferences (professional and scholarly), workshops, and journal publishing.

About the Founder

Akosua Frempong is a broadcast, print, and digital journalist.

She has worked in journalism in Africa, Europe, and North America. She is one of the recipients of the Emerging Scholar Award from Common Ground Research Networks. She has also published in the organization’s journal, writing a scholarly article about media ecology (how different media impact how humans think, feel and behave). She has worked as a presenter, anchor, producer, and broadcast journalist for radio and television stations in Africa and Europe. She has also written for several award-winning publications in the United States, including Christian News Journal, Christianity Today, Outreach, and Peer. Please contact us for samples of her previous work.

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